EtterEvents, managed by Marc Etter, is your partner to supply the necessary equipment for shows. As an international course builder, Marc also offers the construction and design of courses for every level. The equipment is available for sale or for rent. With the material provided by EtterEvents, you will be well equipped to make your event a success:

  • Time measurement – It is often the hundredths of a second which determines victory and defeat. This requires precision and reliability. EtterEvents has high expectations of itself and of the devices, in order to meet the demands of the organizer, the riders and the spectators and to guarantee exact results. Our technical equipment is characterized by accurate and failure-free time recording and can be arranged individually for optimum service depending on the event.
    We also offer a high quality results service and several scoreboards such as 7 segment display for showing results and times or a matrix board with the capacity to display pictures and videos.
  • Jury box - Our mobile jury boxes provide comfortable workstations for all jury members. Our jury boxes have a very high technical standard and will be equipped in accordance with your requirements.
  • Course building & jump material – The course builder team of EtterEvents provides the design of interesting and attractive courses for all categories. You can rent or buy high quality jump material for your show. We are happy to advise you on course design, jump material, maintenance of jumping arenas, etc. And we also rent out a washing vehicle for the maintenance of jumps and fences.
  • Sound equipment and audio systems – Our music systems, including loudspeakers, are specifically adapted for the use at show locations. Our system ensures clear sounds both outdoors and in an indoor arena. The speaker equipment is integrated into our music systems and may be equipped with wireless microphones. Independent systems for the starter which are connected to the warm up arena are also available.

Please contact us. We are happy to advice you on the possibilities to provide your show with equipment according to your needs.
Marc Etter also organizes three major shows and the annual sales event at his home location in Switzerland. And similar to the rest of the Etter family, he is your right contact if you are looking for a horse. He always has a selection of horses available for sale. Marc brings his wealth of experience and expertise from competing in international showjumping both to EtterEvents and the selling of horses. Alongside him works his wife, Christine, who is an active dressage rider and competitor.




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